BBVA Next Technologies S.L.U. (“BBVA Next”) provides users (“Users”, or each one, an “User”) of the www.bbvanexttechnologies.com website (the “Website”) the following general information data pursuant article 10 of Act 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (the “Act”).

Corporate name: BBVA Next Technologies S.L.U.

Identification number for tax purposes [NIF]: B 82351420

Corporate address: Avenida de Manoteras 44, 5th floor, 28050 Madrid

Registration in the Business Registry: BBVA Next Technologies S.L.U is registered in the Business Registry of Madrid, Volume 14, Folio 145, Sheet M-233.881, first entry.

Contact e-mail: For questions or queries users may contact BBVA Next in the following e-mail address hablemos@bbvanexttechnologies.com

The terms and conditions for use of the Website (“Terms and Conditions”) which have to be complied with by Users at all times follow:

Website Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

These Term and Conditions govern the use of the Website made available to Users by BBVA Next.

These Terms and Conditions, together with the Legal Notice, the Personal Data Processing and the Cookie Policy jointly constitute the terms and conditions that govern access to and use of the public section of the Website (“Website Terms and Conditions”).

Access and use of the Website by Users implies their full and total acceptance of the Website Terms and Conditions and their commitment to fully adhere to them. Therefore, Users are encouraged to read carefully these Terms and Conditions, as well as any other Website Terms and Conditions, every time that they intend to use the Website, since such Terms and Conditions may be modified and such modifications will be communicated to Users the next time they access the Website. BBVA Next reserves the right to update, modify or cancel these Website Terms and Conditions.

Website Terms and Conditions

Users are hereby obliged to make a proper use of the Website, understanding as proper use any use made in good faith and compliant with current laws and public order. In the same manner, the User undertakes to not use the Website for fraudulent purposes, as well as to refrain from performing any act that may negatively impact the image, interests and rights of BBVA Next or third parties. Besides, the User undertakes to abstain from any act whose purpose is damaging, overloading or rendering the Website useless, or which may prevent in any way normal use and operation of the website.

BBVA Next reserves the right to update, modify or delete the information included on the Website, including the contents and/or services included therein, and may even restrict or ban access to such information at any time and without notice.  Specifically, BBVA Next reserves the right to delete, restrict or ban access to the Website whenever there are technical problems due to facts or circumstances external to BBVA Next and which, in their opinion, reduce or cancel the safety levels or standards adopted for the appropriate functioning of such Website. For these purposes, BBVA Next reserves the possibility of, in any time, decide whether the services provided by the Website to the information society are to be continued or discontinued.

Website Contents

BBVA Next is the holder or lawful licensee of the intellectual and industrial property rights with regard to the Website and its constituting elements at each time, including graphics, texts, photographs, videos, sound files, trademarks and other distinctive identifications, computer software and sui generis underlying database rights, graphic design and user interface (look and feel) and underlying computer software (including source code and object code) (the “Contents”).

The mere fact of using the Website does not grant Users any right whatsoever over the intellectual and industrial property rights of the Website and the Contents. For these purposes, by means of the present Terms and Conditions, except in those cases in which it is legally permitted or previously authorised by BBVA Next, Users are expressly forbidden to reproduce, transform, distribute, broadcast, make available, extract and/or reuse the Website and its Contents. BBVA Next reserves the right to carry out the corresponding legal actions against those Users that violate or do not comply with the relevant industrial or intellectual property rights.

Users who comply the Website Terms and Conditions are granted by BBVA Next a non-exclusive authorisation to use the Website during the maximum effective period of industrial and intellectual property rights as stated by the applicable regulations (except when access to the Website is suspended due to a justified cause) and for the purposes that Users may actually use the Website pursuant this document.

Besides, BBVA Next REPRESENTS that:

  • Information included in the Website is provided for purely informative purposes and may not be understood as any endorsement whatsoever or as a replacement for legal, tax, financing, investing or technical consulting services, nor as any offer or guarantee provided by BBVA Next. Neither may it be understood as a recommendation to carry out any transaction whatsoever or used as a basis to decide whether to pursue such transaction. BBVA Next waives any liability arising from the use of any Website information. Specifically, it must be understood that such information, which is subject to the current Spanish regulations, is not intended for those Users who act under the laws and regulations of other jurisdictions on which compliance with different requirements for disseminating or making public or available such information..
  • Information provided by BBVA Next on the Website does not constitute BBVA Next’s technical opinion.
  • BBVA Next shall not be held liable when the information included on the Website do not fulfil Users’ expectations. BBVA Next shall not be held liable if any of the information that have not been prepared by BBVA Next and quote another source is not true, accurate, sufficient or integral. Neither BBVA Next shall be held liable for the opinions and comments which may appear on the Website, since they may either be posed by individual Users in their own name and behalf or be quoted from the aforementioned sources..
  • BBVA Next reserves the right to update, modify or delete any information included on the Website in the terms stated above, and does not subscribe any commitment whatsoever to communicate any changes or amend the Website contents..

The User ACKNOWLEDGES AND ACCEPTS the above representations by BBVA Next and additionally GUARANTEES that they shall comply with the standards and regulations applicable to them as Users of this Website.

Linking Policy

Links to the Website

It is strictly forbidden to establish links to the Website, unless previously authorised by BBVA Next.  At any rate, once the link has been authorised by BBVA Next, is must be set in the following manner:

  • The link may not consist on frames that allow to view the Website through Internet addresses other than the Website or which merge in any other way the Website information with information from any other website.
  • Websites featuring links to the Website (the “Linking Sites”) shall not contain any false, inaccurate or incorrect representation regarding the Website and/or BBVA Next.
  • The authorisation granted by BBVA Next does not, in any case, entail: (i) BBVA Next’s sponsorship, collaboration, verification or supervision of the contents and/or services provided through the Linking Site or (ii) BBVA Next’s liability whatsoever with regard to the contents of the Linking Site.
  • The Linking Site must adhere strictly to the applicable laws and regulations and may not, in any case, host owned or third-party sites which: (i) are unlawful, damaging third party rights, harmful, degrading, violent, inappropriate or contrary to general accepted uses and moral principles (pornographic or racist contents, etc.); (ii) lead or may lead the User to misrepresent that BBVA Next subscribes, endorses, adheres to o supports in any other way any lawful or unlawful ideas, representations or expressions of the Linking Site; and (iii) are inappropriate or unrelated to BBVA Next’s activities.

If any of the terms stated above are not complied with, BBVA Next shall be entitled to adopt any appropriate legal measure.

Links from the Website

For the purposes of helping the User to find additional information, BBVA Next may include several technical mechanisms for linking that allow users to access other Websites (“Linked Websites”).  In such cases, BBVA Next acts an intermediation service provider as described by article 17 of the Act. Pursuant the provisions set forth by the aforementioned Act, BBVA Next shall not be held liable for any service or content provided through the Linked Websites, unless BBVA Next was aware of its unlawful nature and did not deactivate the link with sufficient diligence.

The mere existence of Linked Websites does not, in any case, entail BBVA Next’s endorsement, premonition, identification or conformity with any representation, contents or services provide d through the Linked Sites. Consequently, BBVA Next may not be held liable for the content of the Linked Websites, nor for their terms and conditions and privacy policies. The User shall be solely responsible for verifying and accepting those terms and policies each time that it accesses and uses the relevant sites.

Communication of unlawful or inappropriate activities

When Users or any other Internet Users become aware that any Website-featured or provided information or contents is unlawful, damaging to third-party rights, harmful, degrading, violent, inappropriate, contrary to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions or, in any other way, contrary to general accepted uses and moral principles, Users may contact BBVA Next stating the following information:

  • personal data of the reporting person: name, address, telephone number and e-mail address;
  • description of fact revealing the unlawful or inappropriate nature of the contents or information, as well as the specific URL address in which they are hosted.
  • in case of violation of third-party rights, such as intellectual and industrial property rights, and such third party is different from the reporting person, such third party’s personal data must also be submitted. In such case, the reporting party must also submit a document justifying their ownership of the violated rights, and, when appropriate, the relevant power of attorney to act on behalf of the holder of the rights.

The fact that BBVA Next receives such communication shall not entail, according to the Act, effective knowledge of the activities and/or contents reported unless such activities and contents are self-evident. In any rate, BBVA Next reserves the right to suspend or withdraw any contents which, albeit of a lawful nature, do not comply with the standards set forth by these Terms and Conditions, valuing in each case the legal goods at stake.

Liability of BBVA Next

The User must be aware that open-network communications are exposed to a series of threats that make them unsafe. It is a responsibility of the user to implement all appropriate technical measures to reasonably control these threats, including having updated malware detection software for protection against viruses, Trojans, etc., and updated security patches for their browsers. For more information you may consult BBVA Next Safety Policy or ask your Internet access service provider for appropriate solutions to your needs. Within the maximum scope permitted by the applicable laws and regulations, BBVA Next may not be held liable for damages caused to the User as a consequence of the hazards inherent to the means used, or caused by any vulnerability in their systems and tools. BBVA Next cannot guarantee that their systems are entirely safe. Although it has implemented appropriate security measures, the existence of vulnerabilities may not be entirely ruled out and, consequently, the User must be cautious when browsing the Website.

Particularly, BBVA Next shall not be held liable for:

  • Any damages caused on the User’s hardware by viruses, worms, Trojans or any other malware.
  • Any damages caused to the User arising from failures or disconnections from the telecommunication networks which cause in the suspension, cancellation or interruption of the service of the Website during the provision of such service. With this respect, the User acknowledges that access to the Website requires services provided by third parties outside the control of BBVA Next (for example: telecommunication networks operators, access providers, etc.) whose reliability, quality, continuity and functionality are not BBVA Next’s responsibility, and that neither it is to guarantee continuity of these services.
  • From third-party information in those cases in which BBVA Next acts as intermediary services provided in the sense set forth by the Act, unless when there is actual knowledge and the relevant information has not been removed.

BBVA Next shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect damages which may be suffered by the Users for an inappropriate use of this Website or its contents, and does not assume any commitment with regard to communicating changes or amending the Website contents.

Personal Data Protection

All aspects related to Users’ personal data processing related to the Website are governed by the document  Personal Data Processing.

Use of Cookies

Our Website features a technology called “cookies”. For more detailed information on how does BBVA Next use cookies please check the Cookie Policy.

Applicable Law

Pursuant article 3 of the Act, the information society services provided by BBVA net through the Website will be governed by the applicable Spanish laws and regulations. Therefore, any litigation affecting this Website or any dispute between Registered Users and BBVA Next with regard thereto shall be governed by Spanish laws and regulations.

Last update: 18 October 2018