Why is it so cool to work here?

We’ve got the best launch pad.


Techie evolution

You’re already a real ace in your field and you know that inquisitive minds cannot be stopped. You’ll get €2000 every year to obtain that certification you need or attend a top conference. You’ll work together with and learn from the very best to resolve all those technological challenges that keep you up at night.
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At BBVA Next Technologies, employees are at the centre of the growth process.

Leader of the QA tribe


Large spaceship, best crew

8.5 out of 10 score for workplace satisfaction in the latest climate survey.
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Great atmosphere, positive outlooks, consensus and debate. Contributing to every initiative is part of life at BBVA Next Technologies.

Cybersecurity Researcher / Investigadora en Ciberseguridad


Be a leader

Take advantage of shared knowledge. You’ll be able to attend events organised by your colleagues, propose your own Meetups and reveal your full potential as a speaker.
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The fact that they help you have visibility to set out projects and add value inside of our area of knowledge is clearly a 1337.

Technical Architect


Cruise the galaxy with total peace of mind

We give you stability and make it possible for today’s ideas to become your great projects of tomorrow.
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Start-up attitude, but with the backing of a large company.

Senior Account Delivery Manager


Your opinion matters

We like things that are clear: transparency, collaboration and listening to what you’ve got to say.
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All hands meeting, breakfasts with the CEO, satisfaction surveys... we’ve got a lot of ways to express ourselves and be listened to.

Agile Practitioner


Because work isn’t everything

30 days for vacation and 2 months working summer hours.
Flexible hours and 2 days of work from home, depending of the project.
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Flexible commuting, just like our working hours, because the focus is on results.



Bonus track

You’ll be a BBVA Group employee and, therefore, you’ll have special access to BBVA products, as well as health insurance and other perks that will make your life much easier.


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