Cookies Policy

As many other websites, www.bbvanexttechnologies.com uses a technology called “cookies” for the purposes of collecting information about the use of our website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are files which are downloaded into your device for the purposes of collecting data which may be updated and recovered by the entity who enabled its implementation.


You are hereby informed that we may implement cookies on your device provided you have given your consent, except in those cases in which cookies are needed to browse our website. If you give your consent, we may use cookies which may allow is to have more information about your preferences so as to adjust our website to your individual interests.

What are cookies used for in this Website?

We use our own cookies as well as third-part cookies in order to improve our services, personalise our website, make browsing easier for our users and provide a better user experience on the website, identify problems to improve user experience, make use measurements and statistics and feature advertisements related to your preferences by means of website use analyses.

What kind of cookies does this Website use?

According to the goal pursued:

  • Technical cookies: Technical cookies are those cookies that allow users to browse a website, platform or app, and to use the different options or services featured in the website; for example, traffic and data communication control, session identification, access to restricted website areas, remembering all the elements in an order, requesting a sign-up for the website or event, using security devices during browsing, storing contents for video or audio broadcast or sharing contents through social media.
  • Geolocation cookies: Geolocation cookies are used to obtain users’ location when they request a service. This is an anonymous cookie and it is used, for example, to provide appropriate information depending on the country that you are in.
  • Personalization cookies: Personalization cookies are those which allow users to access services with some general predefined characteristics, depending on a series of criteria set up in their users’ device, such as language, browser used to access the service, regional set -up for the region from which the service is accessed, etc.
  • Analysis cookies: Analysis cookies allow their owner to perform follow-up and analysis of the behaviour of users on the website to which they are linked. Information collected by this kind of cookies is used to measure the relevant website, platform or application activity and to prepare a website, platform or app user browsing profile for the purposes of improving the site based on use data analysis.
  • Advertising cookies: Advertising cookies allows to manage, as efficiently as possible, the advertising spaces featured on the website, adapting the advertising contents to the contents of the required service or of the website use.
  • Behavioural advertising cookies: Behavioural advertising cookies are those that allow to manage in the most efficient possible way the advertising spaces featured on the website. These cookies store information on user behaviour, obtained thought continuous information of their navigation uses, which allows to develop a specific profile used to fine-tune the advertisements featured.

Depending on their duration, cookies may be:

  • Session cookies: Session cookies are designed to collect and store data while an user accesses a website. Cookies of this type are not stored in users’ computer when the session expires or users turns off their devices.
  • Persistent cookies: In this type of cookies, data stay stored in users’ devices and may be accessed and processed when users leave or re-access a website. Users may be delete these cookies at any time.

Depending on the entity that manages such cookies:

  • Own cookies: Own cookies are those sent to users’ devices from a device or domain managed by the website holder and from the website providing the services required by users.
  • Third party cookies: Third-party cookies are those sent to users’ devices from a device or domain not managed by the website holder or from the website providing the services required by each user, but by a different entity which processes data obtained though cookies. Besides, cookies that are installed from a device or domain managed by the website holder shall be considered third-party cookies when the information collected by those cookies is managed by a third party.

The website includes user information by means of installing the following cookies on visitors’ hard drives:

Own cookies

Name Name Type Duration Purpose
complianceCookie WordPress Technical, Personalization 14 días Used to alert users about the fact that the website uses cookies. The message disappears when users click on the banner “X”.

Third party cookies

Third party cookie procedures are exclusively managed and controlled by each provider.

Name Holder Type Duration Purpose
_ga Google Analytics Technical, Geolocation, Analysis 2 años Used to differentiate users.
_gid Google Analytics Technical, Geolocation, Analysis 24 horas Used to differentiate users.
_gat Google Analytics Technical, Geolocation, Analysis 1 minuto Used to limit request rates. If you have implemented Google Analytics by means of Google Tag Manager, this cook is will be identified as _dc_gtm_.

Disabling cookies

How can I disable cookies? Users may, at any time, enable, disable or delete any cookies installed in their devices by changing their browsers set up parameters.

Disabling cookies does not prevent browsing the website, although access to certain services may be restricted and therefore, your browsing experience may be less satisfactory.

Data Protection

When you browse the website, we may process your personal data. For more information on our policy data protection please click here.

Consent withdrawal

Users may withdraw at any time their consent related to the Cookie Policy and may delete cookies stored in their devices through set-up adjustments on their Internet browser as described above

Amendments to this Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy may be amended from time to time when required by the current laws and regulations or when there is any change on the type of cookies used on the website. For this reason, we advise you to read this policy each time that you access our website, so as to ensure that you are well-informed on how and for which purposes our cookies are used.