Genetically compatible

1200 people strong, passionate about what we do and all inspired and set into action by the same curiosities and concerns as you. We go beyond the ‘what’ and focus on the ‘how’. We seek solutions to problems that have not even been considered yet. That is our DNA and what makes us who we are.


When talent and knowledge combine for one true pairing

Our working model


There is no easy explanation for this part of life at BBVA Next Technologies. Because… how can you explain how we coordinate with over 15 teams to generate knowledge, learn from each other and contribute to the technological decisions executed at the company?

The best way to really learn what we do in our tribes is by becoming part of one. Do you want to join us?


Bust a move and evolve within our galaxy
How? You will form part of a planet, which is the same as a role.
Some numbers? We’ve got one galaxy, made up of 22 planets that have continents and satellites. Over the course of your life at BBVA Next Technologies you can conquer satellites, advance on your planet or embark on a space journey to another planet.


Or how to convert your idea into a real and tangible product. A programme in which the entire company is involved, to share knowledge and our zeal to take action. An initiative based on the motivation to form a global team for doing projects that have an impact. We can explain it to you in four steps and on the Blog:


  1. Outline your idea
  2. Form your team
  3. Work on your idea
  4. Present your prototype


Come on. Now that you’ve reached this section, why not take a break and rest for a minute. Close your eyes and imagine someone at the company centred on your professional and personal growth. A sort of Dumbledore who supports you in taking the important decisions so that you keep growing, assists you with finding the training you need and acts as a bridge so that you achieve your goals. Open your eyes. Oh, it isn’t Harry Potter, but you will make magic together.


Feedback Dialogue

An evaluation model where the people you work with every day can give their opinions and find out yours in an honest and direct way. This model defines action plans that are aligned with your development and actually enhance possible proposals for promotions in a 360º process that:

  1. Evaluates our performance
  2. Identifies key talent
  3. Defines concrete action plans

Continuous training

Take part in tribes; create your own Meetups; attend talks and courses given by your workmates; form a power team with Quickstarter… Shall we continue? Take full advantage of the €2000 in your training fund to get certified, study a state-of-the-art postgraduate degree or have the opportunity to resolve the technological challenges offered by BBVA Next Technologies via its partners.

Our values

We are supported by our values, which make us who we are. They are present in everything we do and guide us in every decision we take. And you, do you share these values?


People First

Because every person is free to select their own training and focus their careers.
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The employee is the centre of everything that we do at BBVA Next Technologies

Cloud Solutions Architect


Out of the box

Only by thinking out of the box can we move forward with challenges that haven’t even been thought of yet.
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What box? There’s no box here.

Tribe & Quickstarter Owner


Real Impact

When you change people’s lives, you know the impact is real. And only when you define the path for others do you know that you’re doing the right thing.
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We are looking for people who love challenges and who love giving a twist to technology

Software Engineer & Google Developer

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We’ve got the best launch pad here!... 3, 2, 1