Stop looking. You’ve arrived. Your journey starts here. There’s electricity in the air here; open source access to a day full of technological challenges just waiting to be discovered. A fandom where we all come together to create the very best place to work. A team full of curious minds inspired by the same thirst for knowledge.

Welcome to BBVA Next Technologies!

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What we do

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Working here means being part of a tribe where you share what you learn and become a Jedi master of cutting-edge technology together with a mentor who guides you to bring out the very best of yourself.

The hardest part? When you have to explain where you work to your parents or when your friends think you’re from another planet… perhaps you are!

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We create solutions for problems that will emerge in the future

Iván Fernández

Big Data & Cloud Architect

Next Technologies DNA

Success stories


Technological Strategy


Building a new company with 100% cloud operational services.

BBVA Next Technologies helped Orange to create a new subsidiary to offer a complete range of digital services in the cloud for SMEs. These services include cybersecurity, firewalls, unified communications and even music for s lift.

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Technological Strategy


Develop the vulnerability detection and centralisation system for a large financial organisation.

VATS is a security system wholly developed by BBVA Next Technologies for BBVA. Our in-house tool that can centralise the management of technical security vulnerabilities of over 5000 servers. It is scalable both horizontally and vertically. Vital features for a sector where computer attacks can represent large financial losses.

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We explore the potential of new technologies, models of interaction between people and machines, and new approaches and safety techniques to foster the technological evolution of BBVA Next Technologies and our customers.


We investigate new interaction models. We test and validate new technologies early to improve user experience in products and services so that they add value, are useful, efficient and eliminate frustrations.


We test the ability of machines to receive a set of data and learn for themselves. We validate and adjust algorithms to process information from custom environments. We focus on three areas: context, interpretability and data.


We generate knowledge and technological advances to solve complex problems associated with four main lines of work: Intelligent Automatic Security Assessment, Security Behavior & Attribution, IA Security and Data protection & Cryptographic security.